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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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talking. especially the story about benny coleman an elderly man suffering from dementia. he owned his house out right but when he failed to pay what started out as 100 $34 in taxes he was kicked out -- his house auctioned off. the neighbors were there to see it. >> they told him he had to get off the property. he took his chair. he took his chair and set across the street and watched the whole thing happen. >> council member mary share couldn't believe it. >> -- mary chai. >> it was heartbreaking and outrageous. >> she will require a review of all tax lyons in the last decade -- tax liens and directs the c is. . oh to come up with a compensation package for those treated unfairly. >> we ought to try to make you whole -- i don't have any idea what that will look like in terms of money.
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i have no idea how many people would be caught up in that and what we would have to do. >> most leaders i agree the auctions of home oowner apps property should be stopped for now and some suggested punishment for management -- within the cfo apps office but now shows thinking about benny coleman. >> no matter how important it is to obtain revenue or what have you government at the end of the day has to become passionate and how we could allow that to happen was just is unthinkable -- come park nate -- compassionate. >> in addition to mary che apps legislation -- others are proposing their own. >> all legislation is aimed at stopping this practice. in the numbs -- newsroom, matt act clinic fox 5 news. >> metro transit police need your help traininging down a man accused of sexually assaulting a
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minor edward terry -- he's accused of touching the victim inappropriately last month on a green line train. we're told the minor got off the train at the prince george apps metro station to report the incident. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> now a news alert in northern virginia. police are looking for two men responsible for a dozen robberies. surveillance captured one of the robberies. you can see a man with a red hoody waiting for customers to leave before he robbed the company just this morning other businesses were robbed. the men are armed and dangerous. >> prince county made an arrest in the beating and murders of a woman and man inside the womb
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apps daughter. >> when they stepped in they found two people were dead -- viscously beaten and stabbed to death in front of the 25-year-old daughter. >> the daughter was in a location where it would be reasonable she would have either witnessed the homicide or a portion there of but as we've articulated there's a question of communicating with the victim apps daughter. >> it was a small apartment -- investigators say ferguson and towel her both put up a fight over what? that's still not quite clear. >> at this point the exact motive is unclear but we think that the romantic relationship played some sort of involvement. >> a search of online court record shows one has been arrested for domestic assault. he's faced robbery charges in the past. he was picked up in the district yesterday morning during a traffic stop. >> there is d.n.a. evidence that connects the suspect to that
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location at that time. what specifically it was on we're not going to elaborate. now as far as the suspect cleaning there were items of evidence that were located at the scene suggesting that the suspect did make an attempt to clean himself at the scene but to go further we're not going to elaborate. >> thurston yesh by told police he knew both but never been in the apartment -- yush by. >> police show his truck going in and out of the complex the morning of the murder. he will go before a judge monday morning. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagoner. >> other top stories making headlines tonight national guard rescued thousands of people stranded in a colorado rockies today. heavy rain shut off the town of lions north of bolder. as crews worked to evacuate the
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town they found another woman apps body. 80 people are unaccounted for -- >> officials in new jersey are trying to figure out how to build the boardwalk after massive fire destroyed the boardwalk. governor christie says they cut out two chunks of the boardwalk to stop blaze. tonight it's unclear if the fire was an accident or arson. >> tonight questions after a young girl jumped to her death after enduring months of bullying. 15 girls ganged up on 12-year-old rebecca sedgewick bombarding her with mean messages. police and the school should have done more to protect rebecca. >> heidi mclaughlin came to this memorial to say good-bye. a harsh way to learn about bullying in the cyber age.
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>> it's a tragedy. it needs to stop. the bullying has got to stop. >> it's too late for rebecca sed wick -- we now know she jumped to her death after being pushed to the limit by bullies. her grandmother who we contacted by phone says she blames the school system and the sheriff apps office for not doing enough. >> i feel that if something had been done and had been handled properly that we wouldn't be here having to miss her right now. >> polk county says the sheriff and school did as much as they could. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's understand it's not the school system. it's not the criminal justice system. it's the home system. where all of this precaution begins. >> when the bullying began rebecca apps classes were changed. her mom says she was jumped
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several times -- and reported it to the sheriff apps office which says the incidents were not criminal. eventually rib becka ended up at a new school. the bullying followed her online threw her smart phone -- rebecca. they tried to stop bullying and implied she may not have gone far enough. >> i ma -- may have a child that doesn't like me but if i can't stop bullying i can stop device. >> in other words take the phone away. >> rebecca apps case will never know if things would have turned out differently -- >> that's a sad story. still ahead tonight. couldn't make it to new york city for fashion week? no worries we have your front-row seat to all the fashion trends next. >> gary, cold weather trend this weekend huh? >> that's exactly right, shawn. some of the coolest whether we've seen -- weather we've seen. highs tomorrow i'll tell you n
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hello fashion in his stats the new york fashion week. featured international attention -- it's not just about fashion. it's about money and what's happening in american culture. >> it's high glam and serious hair at mercedes fashion week. new york city 2014 spring line for one of the top designers for icons and celebrities and this season feels lighter than the doldru doldrums. >> we're here on the earth for a limited time and we should celebrate and enjoy and have fun. >> fashion week. brings a half billion dollars
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indirect visitor spending according to the new york city economic development corporation and that's worth more than $850 million in economic impact every year in new york city alone. >> what happens on a new york city runway will affect retail from coast-to-coast. in fact one out of four jobs is supported by the retail industry. so whether you're into it or not fashion matters. >> the retail industry contributes 2 1/2 trillion dollars to our economy every year so what's the key to success in such a competitive space? >> this isn't just about having a fashion show or having the right dresses on the runway it's also having the right dresses for the customer. let's face it all women at any age want to feel and look younger. >> among the other designers showing this week. domi hill figure and others -- tommy hilfiger. top colors rose, bronze and
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gold. >> some of the hot trends are revealed waistlines and full skirts but if you're not into what you're seeing on the screen here's sage advice for every season. >> what is the one item that every woman should have in her wardrobe? >> a dress. >> in new york jenna lee, fox news. >> now your einformed -- you're informed. here's will thomas with your fox 5 top five. >> up first free flights on united. number five good news if you're one of the lucky few who got the free tickets. united will honor your purchase. an online mistake allowed travellers to get tickets for free. they only had to pay 5-10 dollars security fee. once united noticed the mistake it shut down it's booking website. >> number four 7-11 is going
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healthy. they're soon going to offer healthy snack options. the cost is two to $6. look for them in the first aisle -- >> number three the cost of chocolate is going up up up and just in time for the holidays. the reason the price of cocoa butter is the special in yeed yent that gives chocolate that melt in the mouth texture -- ingredient. it's jumped sky-high. some have raised prices 30-40%. >> number two good and bad news on the jobs front. women have recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession but not men. 76 million men were employed last month but that is 2 million less than six years ago. >> and no. 1 for friday night is an alert for parents. there's a surge of cases involving molly. the dangerous chemical compound
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is growing with young people. the synthetic drug comes in pill and powder form. it's a newer version of ecstacy. police warn it's illegal and dangerous. that's tonight apps fox 5 top five. shawn. >> i'll take it, will. thanks. temperatures are dropping. skis -- 66 degrees. gaithersburg 59 degrees. hagerstown 55. you sew a lot of 60s around -- you see a lot of 60s around. listen. we're in for a very very nice weekend. it is the weather is going to cooperate. real fall feel. especially tomorrow. high temperatures only going to be in the lower 70s for highs and just plenty of sunshine. warmer sunday. warmer we're going to be on sunday we're going to be approaching 80 degrees. some of you will be at 80 degrees for a high of sunday. but humidity will be nice and low so it will become fort many.
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a few clouds are moving through -- comfortable. anticipating clouds to move far enough south will be mostly clear overnight tonight. high pressure is in control this weekend and tomorrow high pressure will be to the west of us so we'll still be getting the cool northwesterly flow off this. there's much cooler air off to the north and west. as we progress through the weekend the high pressure will scoot east and bring temperatures back up sunday. it's going to be real nice. so a few clouds overnight tonight. a chilly breeze. winds have been picking up out of the north. tomorrow we start off with comfortable conditions early. temperatures in the fis50s lowe 60s. beautiful at lunchtime. temperatures 70 degrees. lower 70s should do it. tomorrow night we'll be dropping down into the 50s. 1840s again out in the suburbs. so here's what it looks look for the act coup weather seven-day
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forecast. it's 73 tomorrow. 78 on sunday. 80 monday. another frontal system comes through on monday so around that front there's going to be more clouds and there could be a potential of a spotty shower. right now we're going to keep it dry for monday and check out most of next week. look at this temperatures are back in the middle 70s on tuesday. 77 on wednesday. and for thursday and friday of next week temperatures right around 80 degrees. so it does look like with perhaps the exception of monday we're going to be in for a very very very nice september run here. now we're over to lindsay who has a look at sports and talking about somebody else who so far is having a nice september run. >> lindsay. >> heck of a transition g-mack. the initial news wasn't great. strasburg crashed tonight but after hearing from davy johnson
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everything is okay. strasburg has tightness in his forearm. he needs rest. he's expected to pitch on the 19th. let's go to the nats and phillies tied at one in the second inning until ramos continued his power surge crushing his 14th homer off kyle kendrick. the nats go in front 2-1. next inning another red hot hitter ryan zimmerman shrugs his 24th homer, his -- homer, his ninth this month. the nats in front 3-1. this is the sixth inning. craig stam min gets grates defense -- look at how bryce harper gets ruiz at second base. that was his second outfield assist. the nats roll the phillies for their seventh win in a row. they're 4 1/2 games back behind the wild car race. >> manny machado had three stellar plays.
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he robs j.p. with a diving stop. the long across the diamond throw to get him out. now this one was tied at three in the eighth inning. and guess who was up? chris davis. he hit his 50th homerun of the season. no big deal right. it ties a club record set by brady anderson in 1996. it propels the o's to the 5-3 win. it keeps them two games back in the wild card race. >> brandon mayweather apps time with the redskins has been pretty cool -- cruel. he's been only able to play 1/2 of games. kicker is questionable with a sore groin. so the team has john potter on stand by. >> let's talk about alfred morris. he didn't look like himself -- he fumbled the ball. he would miss a pitch from robert griffin iii resulting in a safety. morris last year lost three fumbles the whole year. mike shanahan stuck with morris. he would score a touchdown.
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he din -- did finish with 45 rushing yards on 12 carries. >> i'm definitely not concerned but it was not the way i wanted it to go but it did go that way but i'm not concerned at all. i mean i forgot about it all week. i'm preparing for the next game. it's in the past and i can't do anything about it. >> yeah what fumble? >> floyd mayweather. let's look at his upcoming fight ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down.
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oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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tomorrow night in las vegas floyd mayweather fights alvarez. floyd apps name is money and he runs the money team -- this nickname is for real good reason. >> you're set to make the largest sum of money 49 -- 41 and half million. you got two ferraris, two rollses, lambeau, a bentley, a booing gotti, a mercedes. what are you going to buy with your next 41 and 456 -- $500,000. >> you didn't talk about my jet. >> you have everything.
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>> i'm just truly blessed to be where i'm at you know. it's not about the material list stick things. it's all about the comfort. and the main thing is about putting it up and making sure your grandkids are okay. >> did you see this today. some history made at the b.m.w. championships during the fedex playoffs by jim furyk. he shot a 28 on the opening nine holes so that magical number of 59 was well in his sights. despite a bogey on the fifth hole he need to birdie and he did just that. he was top of the leaderboard. he is the sixth golfer to accomplish that fete. >> tomorrow the terps look to of getting something "new."
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we're taking the edge off with the real life movie up. jonathan is lifting up a from caribou, maine. if everything goes according to 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> crazy video of nicole kidman getting creamed by a paparazzo on a bicycle. >> usually when we say creamed on our site, it's usually about a porno. >> james tutera, the host of "my fair wedding." and his partner of 10 years are splitting up. they're splitting up and they had twins. >> they wanted to have babies so what they did was -- two guys, one cup. >> selma blair is in an intense battle with charlie sheen and the people who make "anger management" over them firing her. it seems like she has a legitimate lawsuit on her hands. i don't think so. >> you should be able to complain and not expect repercussions. >> if i was sitting there
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complaining about harvey openly to everyone, like "harvey's a jerk." >> christopher reid, kid, from kid n play. >> tomorrow is yom kippur. >> you ask god for forgiveness. supposed to go to all the people you've wronged and ask for forgiveness. >> must be a trying day for you. >> i'll go on the p.a. later. >> take out an ad in "variety" something like that. full-page ad in "variety." >> and now, nicole kidman, entering the carlyle hotel in new york. [screaming] where she got hit by a guy on a bike. forgot to mention that. >> there's a photog on a bike on the sidewalk where he should not be. >> and this photog was going super fast and barely slowed down, so of course, boom. >> he runs right into her and spins her around, catches her with the handle bars. >> nails her. >> why would you ride that on the sidewalk when there's buildings everywhere in new york city? >> he's trying to get to her before she gets inside the hotel.
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>> well, he got her. [screaming] >> [beep]. >> she got plowed. >> plowed, nailed and according to our website, creamed. >> i read that headline and i thought something totally different. >> she got plowed and creamed and nailed. >> she got railed. [laughter] >> she just dropped right to her knees. >> dude, come on. >> anyway, nicole's down. emergency workers rushed to the scene. luckily, nicole was uninjured but she was very angry and huh?-- toi spent an hour trying work out what she said. i thought it was my an australian as to work it out. and i thought she said i want to get a cane and take thai choices. >> no, an hour? >> you guys can't even understand each other. >> i don't think that's what she said. >> subtitles. >> press charges. >> but she can't press charges
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because cops said it was just an accident. he got a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. nicole, anything you want to say to the man who creamed you? >> i can't wait to watch life tear you apart. >> a little dark but ok. thanks, emergency medical technicians! no rush. >> david tutera, the host of "my fair wedding." him and his partner of 10 years split up back in january. >> nasty. >> nasty and the report that they're splitting up their twins. >> what do you mean? >> ok, so david and ryan were domestic partners. and they wanted to have babies. david fertilized an egg that was implanted in the surrogate. box? >> ryan then fertilizes an egg that is implanted in the same surrogate. the egg is from the same mother. the babies are born three months ago and david gets the girl,
11:33 pm
ryan gets the boy and they're very close to settling and making that permanent. >> that's crazy! >> it's -- >> when they grow up, will they hold ill will towards their parents for separating them? >> that's the question. >> it's awful. >> it seems selfish. what if it's actually way better. >> how? >> they're not in the situation where they're fighting. >> they'll be raised as only children and only children are terrible people. room.pick them out of the i can always pick them out. >> robin. >> oh, yeah, sexy robin thicke at l.a.x. and he's about to solve the greatest mystery of our generation -- of robin thicke listeners. >> america's got to ask, what rhymes with hug me? >> yes, the question robin himself poses in his mega-hit "blurred lines." ♪ you want to hug me, what hug me ♪th
11:34 pm
>> it is a big thing. >> you're moving below the bold, syria, because "tmz" investigates what rhymes with hug me. >> the f word. >> fugly? maybe. digging. >> i wear my snuggy. >> all well reasoned theories but we need technology. >> you're talking about the fact that there's a website now, what rhymes with hug me? >> to the interweb! ♪ what rhymes with hug me >> do it again, do it again! ♪ what rhymes with hug me >> amusing. but unhelpful. so now we ask the man himself, robin thicke, what rhymes with "hug me"? >> i got to know, it's love me. >> love me! that's a little underwhelming. >> now we know.


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